Amor in the Time of COVID-19
October 30, 2020 No Comments The Latest LPOC Organization

by Álvaro Garza, MD, MPH

Self-quarantine and social isolation
Happening all across the nation.
Social distancing avoids contagion.

Health care workers gowned, gloved, masked.
Respiratory hygiene! we’re all asked.
With strict hand hygiene too, we’re tasked.

To identify all infected, we more must test,
Then isolate them from all the rest.
Prevention methods for this are best.

We know we’re all in this together,
And we must take care of each other.
For that, we must not too many gather.

When we do come together, we must stay apart.
Guidance comes from medical science and art,
Protects many with problems of lung and heart.

Clean most surfaces, leave no trace behind
Of any virus, all we must remind.
It could well save people-kind.

Society temporarily slowing down,
Everywhere empty downtown,
Waiting to see the lonely clown.

Social distance now is altruism,
Viewed through a public health prism.
Close the borders? Immigrant-ism.

These issues we must not ignore.
Against a killer virus, we’re at war.
Practice at a distance, el amor.

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