Arevalo Welcome (Newsletter Edition II)

Arevalo, Jose-sm

José Arévalo, M.D., FAAFP, LPOC Chair

Happy New Year from the Latino Physicians of California (LPOC) Board of Directors and I!

As this new year begins we recognize there are old and new challenges. However, I know that collectively we can address them.  LPOC is inviting others to join us as we continue to address Latino and underserved community health disparities.

We are taking a multi-strategy approach.  We are informing through our Newsletter, our Policy Briefs and press conferences.  We invite Leaders to inform and seek your advice to support our joint efforts to address Latino health disparities. The next LPOC venture is a Reception/Dinner in Sacramento at the Sheraton Grand on March 12, 2018 that will include Latino leaders to further instruct and inspire our strategy.  You can be a part of this effort!

In 2014 and 2015, in collaboration with UC Davis and The Kaiser Permanente Medical Group we hosted healthcare conferences, each drawing over 300 participants.  In 2016 LPOC hosted its first Symposium in Los Angeles, issued its first Policy Brief, and held our first Press Conference that received extensive multi-media coverage.

You do not have to be a physician or a Latino to be a part of this growing campaign.  Visit us on the LPOC website, look around and comment, or visit our Facebook and Twitter.  We want to hear from YOU.

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