CA Right Care Initiative: Sierra Health Foundation Summit of Sacramento Healthcare Leadership & U.S. Surgeon General

On June 24, 2019, Sierra Health Foundation hosted a summit with U.S. Surgeon General, Vice Admiral Jerome Adams, M.D. (pictured seated, center) to discuss the California Right Care Initiative. 

With the U.S. Surgeon General are representatives from Sacramento Healthcare Leadership, including (standing l to r) Bryan Bucklew, President and CEO, Hospital Council Northern and Central California, Dr Alan Shatzel, President Mercy Medical Group, Dr. Jose Arévalo, LPOC President and Chief Medical Officer Sutter Independent Physicians,  Dr. David Lubarsky,  Vice Chancellor UC Davis Health Systems, Dr. Scott Flinn,  co-founder San Diego Right Care Initiative,  Hattie Hanley,  Founder and Director of the CA Right Care Initiative,  Dr. Joseph Sky Lt Col USAF and co-Director Capital Right Care Initiative,  William Bommer,  Chair of Cardiology UCDMC and co-Chair Capital RCI,   Chet Hewitt, President and CEO of Sierra Health Foundation,  and CDR Matthew Johns, Region IX Health Administrator, HHS Office of the Assistant Secretary for HealthBonnie Preston, Outreach and Policy Specialist, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Shown seated (l to r) are Teresa Frei, Chief Executive Officer, Sutter Medical Foundation,  Kay Strawder, Regional IX Women’s Health Coordinator, HHS Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health,   VADM Dr. Jerome M. Adams, U.S. Surgeon GeneralDr. Don Hufford, CMO Western Health Advantage and Kaying Hang, Vice-President of Programs Partnerships for Sierra Health Foundation.

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