Category: ACEs Aware

Category: ACEs Aware

ACEs: Childhood Residue in the Aging Body
November 3, 2021 ACEs Aware, The Latest LPOC Organization

Two decades worth of research points to a formidable link between our earliest life experiences and our health in old age. Scientists have associated a childhood spent in poverty, for example, with a variety of medical conditions at age 50 and older.

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New ACEs Equity Act Significantly Expands Access to ACE Screening in California
October 14, 2021 ACEs Aware, Legislation, The Latest LPOC Organization

The Office of the California Surgeon General today applauded Governor Newsom and the Legislature for the enactment of SB 428, the ACEs Equity Act, which will significantly expand coverage for Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) screening.

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Growing and Fostering a Resilient Brain
September 24, 2021 ACEs Aware LPOC Organization

Resiliency, to summarize, is the ability to bounce back from difficult circumstances. People living with mental health challenges often have high resilience to the opposition because they have grown resilient through trial by fire.

This piece will focus on what is going on in the brain with resiliency and perhaps a few suggestions on how we can help our brains form it.

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‘I am not alone:’ How a California county is helping Hispanic family caregivers find peace
July 23, 2021 ACEs Aware, The Latest LPOC Organization

The Santiagos, an elderly Latino couple living in California, are part of a demographic that is often hard to reach for service providers seeking to help caregivers.

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Let’s Make Our State of CAre ACEs Aware
July 16, 2021 ACEs Aware, The Latest LPOC Organization

Now is a great time to begin learning more about Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), by taking a free, two-hour “Becoming ACEs Aware in California” online training and certification that teaches providers to screen patients for ACEs and respond to the symptoms of toxic stress.

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New ACEs Resource:
July 2, 2021 ACEs Aware, The Latest LPOC Organization

The “number” in one’s story is the total of how many different Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) one personally endured during childhood. This can include abuse, neglect and household challenges, but it can also include societal challenges such as racism, discrimination, poverty, and violence.
The good news is that number does not define us. It is simply an entry point to our own personal story, and recovery. Where it leads is up to you.

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