Category: ACEs Aware

Category: ACEs Aware

‘I am not alone:’ How a California county is helping Hispanic family caregivers find peace
July 23, 2021 ACEs Aware, The Latest LPOC Organization

The Santiagos, an elderly Latino couple living in California, are part of a demographic that is often hard to reach for service providers seeking to help caregivers.

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Let’s Make Our State of CAre ACEs Aware
July 16, 2021 ACEs Aware, The Latest LPOC Organization

Now is a great time to begin learning more about Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), by taking a free, two-hour “Becoming ACEs Aware in California” online training and certification that teaches providers to screen patients for ACEs and respond to the symptoms of toxic stress.

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New ACEs Resource:
July 2, 2021 ACEs Aware, The Latest LPOC Organization

The “number” in one’s story is the total of how many different Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) one personally endured during childhood. This can include abuse, neglect and household challenges, but it can also include societal challenges such as racism, discrimination, poverty, and violence.
The good news is that number does not define us. It is simply an entry point to our own personal story, and recovery. Where it leads is up to you.

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Badge a poem by Samantha Ceballos
June 11, 2021 ACEs Aware, The Latest LPOC Organization

Child abuse takes many forms and encompasses many types of Adverse Childhood Experiences. Listen to Dr. Alvaro Garza read the poem “Badge” by Samantha Ceballos.

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COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout Needs a Shot of Equity
February 9, 2021 ACEs Aware, COVID, COVID LPOC Organization

The nation has lost sight of the fact that while this pandemic is affecting every community, it is not affecting every community the same. Black, Latino and Native Americans — many of whom are front-line essential workers — are being infected, hospitalized and dying at rates that far surpass their proportions of the population.

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Seeking ACEs Testimonials
February 2, 2021 ACEs Aware, The Latest LPOC Organization

As an ACEs Aware Grantee, part of LPOC’s effort is to create/gather images, quotes and testimonial videos from you, the Latinx physicians and healthcare professionals of California, in an effort to tell the story of why this is such an important topic.

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