Category: The Latest

Category: The Latest

An Extraordinary Summer of Crises for California’s Farmworkers
September 8, 2020 COVID, COVID, Immigrants, The Latest LPOC Organization

The “essential workers” picking American’s food are facing fires, heat waves, and the pandemic, all at once.

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Chronic Stress & COVID: Researchers Worry
September 4, 2020 ACEs Aware, The Latest LPOC Organization

Could stress be another preexisting condition that makes Covid-19 infections worse? Read about the increasing corellation between the two in this piece by VOXMEDIA’s Lois Parshley.

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Regulating the Stress Response for Kids: Practical Tips for Primary Care Providers
September 2, 2020 ACEs Aware, Resource, The Latest LPOC Organization

This webinar offers practical tips and examples on how providers can incorporate stress regulation strategies into their treatment planning for pediatric patients.

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Meet Dreamer Edgar Velázquez – Navigating Daunting Challenges On Way To Med School
August 27, 2020 Diversity, Immigrants, Students, The Latest LPOC Organization

Edgar Velázquez has taken an unconventional route to medical school.

His story begins in Mexico, where a ruined economy forced his parents to flee their beloved colonial hometown and move to the United States, leaving their children behind.

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How to Help Prevent Suicide during the Pandemic
August 3, 2020 The Latest LPOC Organization

Dear ACEs Aware Stakeholders, As the COVID-19 public health emergency continues, many Californians are continuing to experience secondary impacts on their mental health. To help tackle this challenge, I recently

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California Senator, Dr. Richard Pan Brings Legislation to Protect Public Health Officers
July 31, 2020 The Latest LPOC Organization

LPOC looks forward to supporting Senate Bill 483, authored by Senator and Physician Richard Pan.  This legislation seeks to protect public health officers from threats and public attack.  We choose

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