Dr. Diana Ramos Named Surgeon General of CA

Dr. Diana Ramos Named Surgeon General of CA
August 30, 2022 No Comments The Latest LPOC Organization
Dr. Diana Ramos, Surgeon General of CA

LPOC congratulates Governor Gavin Newsom in his selection of Dr. Diana Ramos as the new Surgeon General of California, and we join in welcoming Dr. Ramos in her new role.

For more than 30 years Dr. Ramos has been a leader in improving the public health of California and in ensuring better health care for women and children.  She has been a tireless advocate in helping address the health needs of our state’s most vulnerable communities through promoting health equity and innovation. 

LPOC looks forward to working closely with Dr. Ramos as our new Surgeon General and in our mutual quest to improve the health and wellbeing of our Latinx Community of California.


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