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ACES Trauma Awareness Symposium II

June 21, 2021


Many of our lives have been changed forever by the ravages of COVID-19.   March 2020  set in motion economic, social,  political,  and psychological familial disruption. Uncertainty, anxiety,  unemployment, hunger,  death,  grief and illness mounted.  Pre-existing inequalities and structural racism were compounded as scabs were ripped away that revealed a nation in need of serious human healing and equitable reconciliation.   The dual traumas of the pandemic and structural racism heightened the anxiety of an already politically fractured nation and underscored the fragility of food, healthcare,  and income insecure families.  In some of the 3, 200 counties throughout the U.S. , food, healthcare and income insecurity account for at least a third of the population.—if not a third of an affluent nation.

Healthy Development in the Face of Trauma reports on the incidence of ACEs in one community where the poverty rate is 36 percent and introduces a  community/parent and school-based intervention to build the capabilities of parents and instill goal-setting and goal achievement as protective strategies to build and sustain strengths-based school and home environments.  Conferees will also hear from thoughtful leaders and learn how resilience is produced and how environments  can be built to buffer serious hardship and support healthy adult and child development.   They will learn how decisions about COVID-19 vaccine distribution and prioritization were made and which communities were served well and others were not and why.  Finally, they will learn how technology was used to produce a safe and highly protective vaccine and the skills and relationships that quickened the pace of successful production. Conferees will have opportunities to ask questions about the skills and dispositions children and adults need to prepare for lives (public health education) and careers in disease prevention.


The ACEs Awareness Foundation working in concert with the Essie B. & William Earl Glenn Foundation for Better Living has one over-arching goal, to help increase Community awareness of Adverse Childhood Experiences that lead to Trauma. The experience with Trauma can begin early on with children and can have lasting implications that reach into adulthood. It is very critical that we GROW a community of individual’s who are informed and can show compassion and sensitivity.


ACEs Awareness Foundation
Essie B. & William Earl Glenn Foundation for Better Living