LPOC Boosts Low ACA Enrollment Among Latinos

LPOC Boosts Low ACA Enrollment Among Latinos
December 18, 2013 No Comments Affordable Care Act LPOC Organization

The Latino Physicians of California (LPOC) are working to ensure that Latino and Latino-serving physicians have every opportunity to help their uninsured patients enroll in the new Covered California health plans.

Over the next several months, the LPOC will conduct a series of conferences to inform physicians and other health care professionals of how they can help their patients access the new program.  

Additionally, LPOC will conduct meetings with physicians’ front-line staff to ensure they have the materials and information for patients when they inquire about the program.

We will be working in partnership with the California Medical Association Foundation (CMAF, lead agency), the California Medical Association (CMA), the American Academy of Pediatrics-California (AAP-CA) and California’s leading medical societies.

The LPOC will host the conferences in the communities where 50 percent or more of the newly eligible Latino populations reside: San Joaquin, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego and the Central Valley.

The first of the series of conferences will be held in the San Joaquin Valley. Keep checking the LPOC events calendar for registration, dates and times.

It is important that we make every effort to get the newly eligible California Latinos enrolled in a health insurance plan.

Recent reports show why it is crucial for Latino and Latino-serving physicians to be in the front lines of this effort.

KQED health reporter April Dembosky and State of Health blog editor Lisa Aliferis shed light on why Latinos aren’t signing up for Covered California health plans. Read Dembosky’s article below or listen to the KQED story in the sidebar.

State’s Insurance Marketplace Enrollment Leads Nation, But Few Latinos Sign up

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