LPOC Opposes Measure LH
October 30, 2020 Comments Off on LPOC Opposes Measure LH The Latest LPOC Organization

Initiative Could Destroy Local Health Care Access

Lynwood City politicians have placed Measure LH on the November ballot, seeking to impose a massive and unprecedented $20 million per year tax increase on St. Francis Medical Center, the community’s only hospital.

This huge new tax increase threatens to shut down the community’s only hospital and eliminate vital care for families in the middle of a pandemic. Measure LH includes zero accountability or audit provisions, so voters have no say in how the new tax will be spent and no assurances it will be dedicated to services that directly benefit our community.

LPOC believes this measure could have a devastating impact on the Lynwood community, which is predominantly Latinx, and limit access to care for families throughout the region.  In a time when all communities and health care providers are dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, we should be supporting our health care system, not destroying it.

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