LPOC Strategic Plan



The Latino Physicians of California advocate, and communicate support for, the Latino community by:

  • Listening actively and respecting the cultural, professional and intellectual opinions of others.
  • Stating our messages in a clear and concise manner.
  • Resolving issues of conflict with honor, by being honest about what we can and cannot do.
  • Being responsible and following through on our commitments.
  • Focusing on what is right rather than who is right.
  • Offering solutions.
  • Communicating the reasons for our actions.
  • Always insisting on the betterment of the health of the Latino community.

We will use technology to support this communication credo and consider the impact that our communication can and will have on each of our strategic endeavors in the Latino community.


Strategies for Change: Statewide Prominence – Successful, Effective Programs and Advocacy

LPOC is a statewide organization with community based regional networks.  Representing the interests of 6,000 Latino physicians and countless numbers of Latino health professions students in the state, we have forged partnerships to:

  • Create regional community and web-based communications networks to support Latino physicians/mentees.
  • Establish a cadre of skilled Latino physician advocates.
  • Work with educational entities and policy makers to mentor/increase the number of Latinos in the health professions.
  • Groom Latino leaders to secure key legislative, government, educational and civic positions of power.
  • Lead planning/strategy development and implementation to secure equitable local, state and federal resources to support Latino health efforts.
  • Engage and inform Latinos how to promote individual and community based health education, prevention and wellness.




The Latino Physicians of California will follow sound fiscal practice being mindful of the need to sustain the organization to support Latino health causes. Fundraising will be carried out with honor, partnering with entities that are respectful of good health practice. LPOC considers sustainability to be beyond fiscal security. It is a safe and respectful work environment for our employees; a trust built on exemplary performance and respect from our partners, and financial and community supporters. It is how, today, our actions preserve our culture, impact future generations to leave a legacy of improved health we pass on to Latinos and all Californians for generations to come.