Mission Statement

Mission Statement
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José A. Arévalo, M.D., FAAFP, LPOC CHAIR

LPOC’s Mission Statement

Did you know that although the Latinos represent 40% of California’s population, only 5% of California’s physicians are Latino? In 2011, a small group of Latino physicians and advocates came together with the law firm of Wilke Fleury to establish the Latino Physicians of California (LPOC) to address this issue and other health issues facing Latinos. LPOC is a 501c3 non profit organization. Our Mission is: “Latino Physicians of California supports current and future Latino physicians through education, advocacy, and policy for health equity, optimal health and quality of life for all of Californians.”

The LPOC began to inform policy makers of the health disparity in Latino community and the significant lack of Latino physicians to serve them. In 2011 state public and private medical schools were admitting less than 12% Latinos even though the Latino population was heading towards being the majority population in California. For 2016, Latinos represented only 16% of those newly accepted into public and private medical school in the state. At this rate, the disparity between the Latino population growth and the number of Latino physicians will remain far into the future without intervention. From its inception, LPOC has remained steadfast in its commitment to retaining and strengthening the Latino physician workforce by:

Hosting a series of meetings across the state, inviting Latino physicians and other health care providers to inform and inquire how we could address this and other Latino health disparity. Partnering with other major physician, community and advocacy agencies informing and supporting common issues. We brought together the leading Latino health advocacy groups to share our strategic plan and gain their support for our efforts. In 2014 we partnered with The Kaiser Permanente Medical Group and the UC Davis School of Medicine to host a Latino Health Conference drawing over 300 participants from across the state. In 2015 the same partnership hosted the second conference and drew over 400 participants. We participated in the Covered California campaign providing information on the program and information on the Latino health disparity in California, offering free CME/CEU for participation reaching over 2,000 participants. We provided information to legislators and testimony to further strategies to address the key health issues facing Latinos across the state. LPOC established the first of its kind Latino Physicians Needs Assessment Survey (LPNAS) with funding from Dignity Health and the Office of Statewide Planning and Development (OSHPD), Workforce Development Division and with support from the California Medical Association (CMA). See story below.

We strongly believe in mentoring young Latinos in all the health professions. Since its inception, the LPOC Board has included a member of the Latino Medical Students Association (LMSA). MiMentor.org was also added to the Board and the LPOC Board Executive Committee. We have sponsored student led Pre-Med/Pre-Health conferences across the state, serving as fiduciary for a number of these student led organizations/conferences, seminars and retreats and special meetings.

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