Large Corporation

$25,000 / year

Large Corporation Member – LPOC.


For Corporations with Gross Income more than $500 million, including Hospitals, Hospital Networks, Physician/Other Health Association, Insurance, Pharmaceutical and Health-Related Vendors.

Benefits Include:

  • Eligible to attend and participate in selected LPOC meetings
  • Company logo and link on LPOC website and related hardcopy materials
  • VIP access to all LPOC events and activities
  • Eligible for appointment to participate on committees and/or ad hoc projects
  • Access to information concerning LPOC issues, services and projects
  • Invitation to headline or sponsor key legislative and corporate high-profile events
  • Invitation to participate in Sponsor Circle

We invite you to join us in our quest to improve the health of all Californians. Become a Medium Corporation Member of Latinx Physicians of California.