Seeking ACEs Testimonials
February 2, 2021 Comments Off on Seeking ACEs Testimonials ACEs Aware, The Latest LPOC Organization

Help LPOC Tell the ACEs Story

As an ACEs Aware Grantee, our task has been to build awareness around the subject of ACEs, communicate the need for medical professionals to become ACEs-certified and incorporate trauma-informed healthcare into their practices, and for them to ultimately begin addressing the affects of toxic stress for their patients.  Part of this effort is to create/gather images, quotes and testimonial videos from you, the Latinx physicians and healthcare professionals of California, in an effort to tell the story of why this is such an important topic. 

We would like to thank Dr. Silvia Diego for being the first volunteer of what we hope are many participants. Dr. Diego is one of our long-time Board members and is from Family First Medical Care in Modesto, We kicked-off this effort featuring Dr. Diego on our Instagram and Facebook pages and released the video in mid-January 2021.  To view the video, please click here.

For those of you interested in sharing your ACEs story, we developed Creating Images & Video Content, a document that walks the reader through setup tips and suggestions and includes questions which can be used during the video.

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