Should states require bilingual drug labels
September 3, 2014 No Comments The Latest LPOC Organization

The California State Board of Pharmacy (CSBOP) is considering new regulations that would require pharmacies throughout the state to provide translated labels on prescription drug bottles.

Proponents of the change believe it would make it easier for state residents who do not speak English. An estimated 44% of California residents speak a language other than English at home. New York passed a similar rule last year.

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Every Saturday morning, a steady stream of Chinese and Vietnamese patients line up at the Paul Hom Asian Clinic in Sacramento, Calif. Most of them speak little to no English.

Patient assistance director Danny Tao says people come here to get free medical consultations and drug prescriptions. But, he says that when patients take those prescriptions to be filled, they don’t understand the instructions on the label.

Read more of this article, “California Considers Bilingual Drug Labels,” by April Dembosky/KQED, published July 30, 2014, at MedPage Today.

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