Tag: Trauma-Informed Health Care

Tag: Trauma-Informed Health Care

Guiding Traumatized Families Through COVID19 Transitions
September 8, 2020 LPOC Organization

Change is everywhere. How can mental health professionals guide traumatized families through these times of uncertainty?

Family Systems Trauma | FST provides concrete tools and case examples that you can use immediately to help families prepare for school reentry, slow down family anxiety, and identify the root underlying cause of their trauma through what are called undercurrents.

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4CA Policy Webinar: Supporting Children to Thrive – State & Federal Outlook
September 28, 2020 LPOC Organization

Join 4CA this webinar taking a look at trauma informed policy and budget implications at the state and federal levels, including the unique context of 2020.Our aim is to provide actionable information for California advocates who are working to advance policy on children’s resilience/adversity in 2021.

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Trauma-Informed Care and Services for Immigrant Families
September 22, 2020 LPOC Organization

The symposium will highlight leaders’ perspectives on this topic, including a panel of experts that will discuss the fiscal impact and policy solutions for providing trauma-informed care to immigrant families.

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Early Childhood and Pediatric Provider Conversations
September 4, 2020 LPOC Organization

Join Pediatric Providers and Early Childhood Professionals in a conversation about the implications and applications of the screening and treatment of ACEs.

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Parental ACEs and Pediatrics: Transforming Well Care
September 2, 2020 LPOC Organization

Learn about practical strategies for integrating trauma-informed health care into your team’s practice that improves patients’ well being and the productivity of your practice. Meet colleagues who share their experiences

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Transforming Systems to be Trauma-Informed, Culturally Responsive, and Neuroscientifically Focused
September 14, 2020 LPOC Organization

During this webinar, Dr. Alisha Moreland-Capuia will talk about her innovative, proven method on trauma-informed sytem change, followed by Q&A.

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