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La SaludConTech Familia

We would like to invite you to join our group. SaludConTech aims to create a network of people and to spur new connections among the many of us involved in the intersection of (1) {health innovation/technology}, (2)  {healthcare delivery, public health & social inequalities} as it relates to (3) {Latino/a Health}.

This is accomplished through emails, chats, and local events designed to increase awareness and appreciation for these issues. We are open to researchers, practitioners, teachers, techies, or all of the above and although we may live scattered across diverse regions of the United States, we hope this group can counter the fragmentation that many of us face.

Our common focus is that we are all working, in one way or another, to understand and improve our healthcare system and how technology and innovative solutions can improve the health of the Latino/a population.

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